At the beginning of 2010, I set my solo work aside to play piano with a new Nashville project called Neulore. They needed a piano player who could sing and write, and I had only heard a rough mix of their unreleased debut EP, but it was at once organic, mysterious, and epic. I was compelled to get involved.

So we set to work conquering the world. I invested a lot of time, money, energy, love and lyrics into Neulore, but after a year-and-a-half I realized it was time for me to begin a family, not live a nomad’s life of speculation and travel.

So today, over three years later, I’m so pleased to introduce Animal Evolve, Neulore’s first full-length album, its debut on Chop Shop/Island, and the culmination of much work and many dreams by my friends. I am honored to have been there near the beginning, and to have my contribution documented to some degree by three songs I co-wrote for the album.

I got to hear the early mixes over a year ago, and I’ve been listening to them¬†constantly. The record is a gorgeous achievement – listen for yourself:




(my co-writes: tracks 6, 8, & 11)